The Drew Barrymore Show: Return Amid Strikes and Unstoppable Picket Plans

Drew Barrymore’s talk show returns amid WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, vowing compliance. Amidst controversy, season 4 premieres with renewed spirit.

Drew Barrymore: Show


In an ever-evolving television landscape disrupted by writers and actors strikes, “The Drew Barrymore Show” emerges as a beacon of contention and resilience. The program, which has an eponymous host as its focal point, is navigating a turbulent path to its return while being the subject of industry debates.

The Industry’s Unyielding Strikes:

The prevailing writers and actors strikes have left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. With numerous shows and projects halted or deferred, audiences and professionals alike eagerly await resolutions. Amid this backdrop, the return of “The Drew Barrymore Show” is both unexpected and significant.

WGA’s Bold Stance:

Despite the show’s insistence on adhering to all pertinent regulations, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) remains unconvinced. Their unwavering determination to picket outside the show’s studios speaks volumes about their perception of it as a “struck show”.

Barrymore Speaks: An Instagram Revelation:

In a candid disclosure on Instagram, Drew Barrymore eloquently outlines the trajectory of her talk show’s fourth season. She emphasizes a staunch commitment to the strike protocols set forth by both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA. Yet, in a contrasting revelation, The Hollywood Reporter cites a spokesperson from the WGA who underscores the guild’s intention to picket outside Barrymore’s New York studios.

Drew Barrymore: WGA'S Bold Stance

A Show in Flux:

The WGA spokesperson poignantly summarizes the show’s experience during the strike. “The show has remained off-air since the strike’s inception on May 2nd. Its return, devoid of its core writing team, is a matter of concern.”

Upcoming Season’s Strategy:

Set to premiere on September 18, the upcoming season of “Drew” offers a fresh content approach. Drawing parallels with shows like ABC’s “The View”, it aims to circumvent literary material. A representative from CBS Media Ventures further elucidates, “The show intends to distance itself from any tasks impeded by the WGA strike.”

Retrospect and Solidarity:

Barrymore’s Instagram post delves deeper into her personal journey through the industry’s tumultuous phase. She reminisces about her conscious decision to step back from hosting duties at the MTV Film and TV Awards, a gesture of solidarity towards the striking writers.

A Personal Endeavor:

For Barrymore, the show is more than just a professional commitment. With its third season wrapping up before the strikes, its return is a testament to its broader significance. Barrymore states, “Our debut during the global pandemic was a testament to our adaptability. We mirror the ongoing global shifts.”

The Current Television Landscape:

While the majority of daytime talk shows remain unaffected by the strikes due to their non-reliance on unionized writers, there are notable exceptions. Shows like “The Drew Barrymore Show” and “The Talk” are at the forefront, with the latter airing reruns along with numerous late-night counterparts.

As the new season of “Drew” unravels, it’s imperative for guest actors to remain cognizant of the SAG-AFTRA strike stipulations. This includes steering clear of promoting or discussing controversial content. Yet, a glimmer of assurance comes from a SAG-AFTRA statement, clarifying Barrymore’s compliance with current protocols.

The Upcoming Season’s Novelty:

Promising an amalgamation of fresh and familiar elements, the season introduces celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton. Joining the ranks are esteemed professionals like news co-anchor Ross Mathews and chef Pilar Valdes. The season also teases innovative segments, rejuvenating the show’s appeal.

Drew Barrymore: Novelty

Closing Thoughts:

Wendy McMahon, the leading force at CBS, encapsulates the show’s journey, lauding its unparalleled growth and adaptability. With a promising season ahead, audiences are in for a treat, as they navigate the confluence of entertainment, resilience, and global shifts.

Read Barrymore’s full post on Instagram.

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